Selling a Home in Bethesda

Selling a Home in Bethesda

Located adjacent to Washington, D.C., Bethesda is an unincorporated, census-designated place in Maryland with no official boundaries. Known as one of the most highly educated and affluent communities in the entire country, Bethesda is a vibrant town that serves as the urban core of Montgomery County. Because the area is considered one of the best places to live in Maryland, people have been flocking to Bethesda over the years, making now an excellent time to sell your property. However, before putting your house on the market, knowing what to expect during the home-selling process will help you sell your home faster and for top dollar. If these are your goals, read on!

Here is everything you need to know about selling a home in Bethesda.

Preparing your home to sell

Team up with an expert real estate agent

Before listing your house on the Bethesda real estate market, you’ll want to secure the help of a skilled local agent. Instead of just choosing the first agent that contacts you, interview multiple agents to find the right one for your needs. During your interviews, do not be afraid to ask questions. Analyze the agent’s answers, as well as their demeanor and communication skills. For instance, does the agent seem client-focused? Do they seem like they have the knowledge to help you sell your house?

Determine an appropriate asking price

To accurately determine your home’s value, you will need to do a little research. Start by comparing your home to other houses for sale in your area. Take note of the asking prices for those properties and compile a list. Your agent is well-versed in the Bethesda housing landscape and knows how to price homes competitively and accurately. Once you have an idea of the average asking price in your area, you can determine a list price for your property that will generate attention from buyers.

Home upgrades with a good return on investment

Making upgrades to your property is a great way to improve its overall value and allure. From fixing leaky faucets to applying a new coat of paint to the walls, there are many small upgrades that will increase your home’s value. However, be sure to avoid overly costly and time-consuming upgrades, such as knocking out walls or adding a pool, as these types of improvements rarely, if ever, pay off down the line.

Time your sale right

Homes sold in the spring and summer typically sell faster and for higher offers, as buyers are more active during this time.  In comparison, selling in the winter may take longer due to weather concerns or traveling for holiday plans. However, your agent will have a top-notch marketing plan to get your home sold in any season.

Why home staging is important

Staging your home is always recommended during the home-selling process. Doing so can help potential buyers better visualize your house as their own future home. Start your home staging journey by choosing a focal point for each room, and then stage the space around that. For instance, staging couches around the fireplace in the living room creates a friendly sitting area.

Selling your home

Listing on the MLS

If you’re working with a real estate agent, they will list your home on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS). This agent-only tool is an online database of real estate properties. Agents can utilize the MLS to reach a wider audience, further ensuring they sell homes in a timely manner.

Open houses

During your open house, leave everything to your real estate agent. Make yourself as scarce during this time, as your agent will professionally represent you and host the open house. Your agent will answer buyers’ questions and highlight key areas of interest in the home.

Evaluating offers

If you’re lucky enough to receive multiple offers, you may be tempted to simply accept the highest one; however, there are several other factors to consider. For example, in an all-cash offer, the closing process typically proceeds much more quickly. However, offers backed by a mortgage are sometimes higher. Therefore, it is worth it to weigh the pros and cons of each offer before accepting one. Your agent will guide you through the entire negotiation process.

Closing costs

As the seller, you will likely have to pay costs associated with agent commission fees, title insurance, county transfer taxes, and escrow fees. Planning for these expenses ahead of time will help you be prepared and confident at the closing table.

Frequently asked questions about selling your home in Bethesda

How can I sell my Bethesda home for higher offers?

To get the highest offers possible when selling your Bethesda home, you need to properly stage the space, determine an accurate asking price, and make much-needed repairs or upgrades. If you set up your home for success, this will likely result in a higher profit. Additionally, working with a skilled agent can ensure you receive top dollar for the sale.

Do I need an agent to sell my Bethesda home?

While you can sell a home without an agent, doing so will likely result in spending more time on the market and receiving lower profits in the end. A skilled agent has the tools you need to attract buyers and elicit multiple offers. In addition, without an agent by your side, you will likely encounter roadblocks and setbacks that can derail the transaction.

The bottom line on selling a home in Bethesda

Bethesda real estate is a hot commodity that can result in massive profits when it comes time to sell. From properly staging your home to utilizing top-tier marketing tactics, there are things you can do to increase the appeal of your property. Still, the best way to ensure that you sell your home quickly and for a great profit is by hiring a skilled real estate agent to guide you.

Marco Stilli is a leading Bethesda real estate agent with years of experience and exceptional insight into the local housing scene. Thanks to his unparalleled knowledge of the area, Marco has what it takes to sell your home for top dollar. So, if you’re selling a home in Bethesda, contact Marco today to begin your selling journey.

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